Guardians of the Galaxy S’mores

Do you have a favorite from Guardians of the Galaxy?  Maybe Groot with his simple and yet profound understanding of self?  “I am Groot.” Or Peter Quill because, well, Chris Pratt?  We are pretty evenly split in my family with half on Team Groot and the other Team Gamora.  In celebration of the green Guardian, my kids and I made Guardians of the Galaxy S’mores.


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Easy S’mores Candy Bark

With a tent popped up and a cooler packed full of snacks, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day from the comfort of our backyard.  Being at home always opens up possibilities as far as the menu (because a successful camping trip is really dependent on the food).  Check out what we’re packing and a super easy camping-themed treat — S’mores Candy Bark.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Floats

Star Lord is great.  He’s funny; he’s got great dance moves.  But Groot, especially Baby Groot when he’s dancing.  I just can’t accurately predict how many times I’m going to see Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 just so I can watch Baby Groot.  It’s going to be a lot.


In honor of Groot, my family and I celebrated the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 with Guardians of the Galaxy floats.  We call them Groot Beer Floats as they are blended root beer floats with lots of fun extras.  Check out the super simple recipe that’s out of this galaxy!
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DIY Trolls Pinata

Recently, we threw my 3-year-old a Troll-tastic birthday party, full of lots of DIY fun.  One of my favorite birthday party projects is making custom piñatas. They’re easy to put together using recycled materials.  Plus, using leftover packing supplies means they’re inexpensive too!


Find out how to make a DIY Trolls piñata!


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Let Freedom Ring Bells l MLK Jr Craft

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. It’s part of my breakfast of champions, or at least any day I actually want to function. With my love and dependence on coffee, I was so thrilled when I first grabbed a Keurig. Less waiting, more caffeinating.  But soon after, I started realizing how many of those cute little pods I was dumping to the, well, dump.  I started with swapping the pods out for a refillable k-cup like this one.  Currently I’m double brewing with a Keurig and a traditional coffee pot.


It’s a lot of coffee, you guys.



I still needed to do more to keep those pods out of the dump.  That’s when I started storing them to use for crafts, like these “Let Freedom Ring” bells.  They’re a snap to make and a great way to remember the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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