Cars 3 Bulletin Board

As one school year ends, the next one races in.  It’s my first official day of summer, and I’m already planning and preparing for next year.  Each year I swap out themes, typically something that I like (Disney) matched with a space that will be engaging and exciting for the students who will fill the seats.  Having just seen a screening of the new Cars 3, I knew I needed a Cars 3 bulletin board for my classroom.


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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

X marks the spot on my calendar for the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  As a lover of Disney, Johnny Depp, movies, and still more Johnny Depp, I was thrilled to be able to get a sneak peek at the film this week.  The latest installment in the Pirates franchise sails into theaters today.  I’ll be sharing my spoiler-free review, letting you know if the story sinks or sails.


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Guardians of the Galaxy Floats

Star Lord is great.  He’s funny; he’s got great dance moves.  But Groot, especially Baby Groot when he’s dancing.  I just can’t accurately predict how many times I’m going to see Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 just so I can watch Baby Groot.  It’s going to be a lot.


In honor of Groot, my family and I celebrated the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 with Guardians of the Galaxy floats.  We call them Groot Beer Floats as they are blended root beer floats with lots of fun extras.  Check out the super simple recipe that’s out of this galaxy!
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A Mother’s Thoughts on Born In China

My grandmother Flossie (yup, that was her real name) lived in Small Town, USA. Our visits out to her house put our imaginations to the test as there wasn’t a ton to do. We drew faces on clothespins, played Yahtzee, and toured the yarn store.


With limited entertainment offerings, my sister and I were thrilled when our dad offered to take us to the movies. We saw a documentary on bears, and I was officially hooked on nature documentaries.  Disneynature keeps my fascination alive with their gorgeous glimpses into the world of animals. The upcoming cinematic release, Born in China, takes viewers into the wilds of China in the latest true life adventure film.


Read my spoiler-free review.


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10 Cutest Disney Babies

Babies with their big ol’ eyes and rolly, polly selves. It’s kind of impossible for me to pass by a baby and not ohh and ahh.  Don’t worry, Mom.  We’re not having any more. 


As cute as my babies were, it’s the babies of Disney films I’m obsessing over today.  It seems more and more common in Disney films to include a backstory and a pint-sized look at the main character.  These glimpses at the Disney characters I adore as infants add extra adorableness to the animated features.


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6 Best Character Changes In Beauty and the Beast

I so desperately wanted to love it.  Everything I had seen leading up to Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast was so charming, so perfect.  I went in to the movie with such high expectations and an anxious heart.  I loved it more than I thought I could.


I’m sharing all the best changes, focusing on character development, to the original animated film.  There are some moderate spoilers, just so you know.


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Beauty and the Beast Activity Sheets

Don’t you see? She’s the one. The girl we have been waiting for. She has come to break the spell.


You guys. Today’s the day!  Beauty and the Beast is now playing in theaters and my heart can barely handle it.  Never before has my geek heart had both Disney and Harry Potter fluttering inside it.  To celebrate, I’m sharing super fun Beauty and the Beast activity pages for you the kids.


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DIY Trolls Pinata

Recently, we threw my 3-year-old a Troll-tastic birthday party, full of lots of DIY fun.  One of my favorite birthday party projects is making custom piñatas. They’re easy to put together using recycled materials.  Plus, using leftover packing supplies means they’re inexpensive too!


Find out how to make a DIY Trolls piñata!


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