Let Freedom Ring Bells l MLK Jr Craft

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. It’s part of my breakfast of champions, or at least any day I actually want to function. With my love and dependence on coffee, I was so thrilled when I first grabbed a Keurig. Less waiting, more caffeinating.  But soon after, I started realizing how many of those cute little pods I was dumping to the, well, dump.  I started with swapping the pods out for a refillable k-cup like this one.  Currently I’m double brewing with a Keurig and a traditional coffee pot.


It’s a lot of coffee, you guys.



I still needed to do more to keep those pods out of the dump.  That’s when I started storing them to use for crafts, like these “Let Freedom Ring” bells.  They’re a snap to make and a great way to remember the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Moana Elf on the Shelf Idea

Some elves are naughty, wrapping toilets in wrapping paper or making messes. But our Elf on the Shelf “Joey” is a gift giver.  A few times a week, he makes our season merrier by bringing small surprises for my daughters.  He’s brought Advent calendars filled with chocolate. Another day he arrived with stickers.  




These small trinkets bring holiday fun to our home.  For my Disney-obsessed girls, we were so thrilled with the Moana theme he chose for himself recently.


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Moana Candy Lei

Aloha!  We are counting down the days until Disney’s Moana sails into theaters.  Our favorite way to see movies together as a family is to go to our almost local drive-in.  It’s about 45 minutes away, but seriously fun so we don’t mind the drive.


To make our upcoming viewing of Moana even more fun, we’ve made candy leis.  What’s a movie without candy, right?  Considering we’ve got buckets of leftover Halloween candy at home, it didn’t cost us anything to make these fun Moana inspired treats.
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Dreamworks Trolls Headband Craft

What are the chances? Two of the trolls from the new Dreamworks Trolls movie share names with my children. That fact, plus the adorable look of the film has my family all kinds of stoked on seeing it this weekend.




As we gear up for the film, we’re reading books and making crafts inspired by the film. Check out this Trolls inspired headband.


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