Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

Not going to lie, the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival is my jam.  As a long-time Orange County resident I adore the opportunity to celebrate Orange County history, while enjoying all of the boysenberry-themed offerings.


Knott’s is always a fun day for my family, with a variety of attractions perfect for preschoolers to parents.  We are so grateful we were able to spend another day in the park, but the Boysenberry Festival was a first for all of us. Today I’m excited to share our all the fun, including our berry favorite food offerings.


We received complimentary admission into the park. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Boysenberry Food Offerings

From sweet to savory, Knott’s has cooked up of 70+ boysenberry flavored items for guests to sample.  The best way to enjoy the Boysenberry Festival is by picking up a Tasting Card for $25, plus tax.  With the purchase of the card, you’ll be treated to:


  • Boysenberry Pizza at Wagon Wheel Pizza
  • Boysenberry Ravioli at Spurs Chophouse
  • Boysenberry Buffalo Wings at the Gold Trails Hotel
  • Boysenberry BBQ Meatballs at the Bank of Calico
  • Boysenberry Fry Bread at the Gourmet Churro Factory
  • Boysenberry Panna Cotta at the Ghost Town Bakery



The stars of the Tasting Card are really hard to distinguish.  My 7-year-old loved the meatballs, while I kept hearing again and again how amazing the buffalo wings were.  Dessert’s always my favorite part of the meal, and the fry bread won me over.



The fry bread was ooey, gooey goodness.  Pro Tip: wear purple to the Boysenberry Festival so when you ooze boysenberry filling on your shirt, no one will know.


The fun doesn’t stop there, though.  Boysenberry goodies, both prepared fresh and packaged, can be found throughout the park.  Boysenberry popcorn, boysenberry cream soda, boysenberry jerky–it’s all so amazing!



Boysenberry Wine & Craft Beer

In addition to all the yummy things there are to eat, you’ll want to stop by to sample the wine and beer tastings.  A separate Tasting Card for alcohol can be purchased for $25, plus tax.  This allows guests to sample a variety of wines and beers.  Served with small tasting plates, it would make a lovely date to share with someone special.



Boysenberry Festival Fun

In between six large servings of deliciousness from the Tasting Card, you’ll want to stroll through the park.  There’s tons of fun scheduled for this special time of year.



Shop at the unique vendors selling homemade crafts (it’s like Etsy in person) at the Craft Fair.  Or pick up some boysenberry memorabilia like themed Snoopy stuffed animals and boysenberry candles.



If you can manage to keep plants alive (I can’t), boysenberry plants are available for purchase at a recreation of Walter & Cordelia Knott’s Original Roadside Boysenberry Stand.



Also available are numerous boysenberry stand items.  I picked up boysenberry barbecue sauce for my husband at Christmastime, and it was seriously amazing.


Some items, like the boysenberry soft serve, as available year round, while others are reserved just for the 23-day festival.



Festival Fun

My kids are all about the roller coasters right now.  So we took advantage of the opportunity to run on some of our favorite rides.  For my youngest, Camp Snoopy is a great place to start.  The Easter Beagle stops by for an adorable photo op with his Peanuts pals.

There are tons of live shows, full of interactive opportunities to get the whole family eating pie, dancing, and laughing. Don’t miss these fun elements of the Boysenberry Festival:

  • Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree
  • Birdcage Theater Melodrama
  • Old MacDonald’s Farm
  • History of the Boysenberry & Knott’s Berry Farm film viewing
  • Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies Comedy Show
  • Calico Park Fun & Games



Check out more of the flavorful fun at Knott’s Berry Farm, by using the hashtag #Boysenberry Festival.

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12 thoughts on “Knott’s Boysenberry Festival


    (April 3, 2017 - 10:47 pm)

    It looks like a tasty and fun event. I know several friends who went to it and I was jealous of all that food!

    Nikki Nurtures (@NikkiNurtures)

    (April 3, 2017 - 10:50 pm)

    I still have not been there. I’m not much of a theme park person. Crowds make me anxious and rides make me barf. I know, i’m a bummer. But, I do love to eat and their boysenberry jam is one of my favorite things on the planet.

    Rebecca Bryant

    (April 3, 2017 - 11:11 pm)

    What a tasty way to spend the day. I so like a good food and wine festival.


    (April 3, 2017 - 11:14 pm)

    How have I never done this before?! It looks amazing, and I’m starving just looking at those great photos!

    Carol Bryant

    (April 3, 2017 - 11:58 pm)

    I am drooling here. I love their jellies and would have a blast here. That Snoopy stuffie is too cute for words. Festivals are so much fun.

    Milena Barrett

    (April 4, 2017 - 12:04 am)

    OMG! This looks like so much fun. I’m dying over all the food!

    Alicia Taylor at

    (April 4, 2017 - 12:06 am)

    My mother in law grew up next door to Knott’s Berry when she was a little girl and talks about it all the time. I’ve never been, but it does look like a lot of fun. My hubby wants to go to Disney in CA. If we do, this is already on my bucket list.

    Catherine Sargent

    (April 4, 2017 - 12:15 am)

    This looks like a great family event. I would love to go and try the
    Boysenberry wine and craft beer.

    Liz Mays

    (April 4, 2017 - 12:51 am)

    Wow, they had some awesome treats! I wish I could check out this festival. Trying all of the boysenberry stuff sounds fun!

    Stephanie Jeannot

    (April 4, 2017 - 1:42 am)

    Looks like a great place. Lately, I have been with this buffalo wing craze. I even made some for the house yesterday. So I’d definitely live to try the ones here.


    (April 4, 2017 - 4:46 am)

    I am originally from southern California and loved going to Knotts Berry farm! It has such fun memories for me growing up.


    (April 4, 2017 - 12:56 pm)

    Wow! So many sweet treats! I wish I lived closer because this is a festival I would love to attend! Trying all these boysenberry treats sounds like so much fun! My kids, they’d want me to buy them all those Snoopy goodies! 🙂

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